• Artsy projects

    Arts super-project

    • Graphix (Inkscape, ...)

      Looking for graphix? Have a look at this project's repository.
      If you want to share your graphix, feel free to commit them :-)
      Get the repository to your PC like this:
      git clone git+ssh://

    • Lasertag Linux

      Linux port of the popular LaserTag software by Zach Lieberman and Theodore Watson.

    • Tagbot

      The tagbot is a phidget-based 2-axis tracking robot designed to hold and control the laser for accurate lasertagging.

  • Electronics Lab

    Check out the wiki for more.

  • Events

    Superproject for all events, educational and non-educational

    • Ubuntu Release Parties

      Ubuntu Release Party's Organization & Reflection Opportunity

      This should give the managers/organizers and everyone who's interested of the URPs an opportunity to keep track of things which need to be done, reflect over past events and plan for the future....

  • Hackerspace general

    General activities involving the hackerspace (location)

    • CleanSpace

      Keep your hackerspace clean!

      Once or twice a month, you should help out cleaning the are part of a living bunch where everybody should feel responsible for the state of the hackerspace.
      So, please volunteer here!

    • Up 4 Grabs

      A list of projects that are up for grabs by everyone.

      Once a project is grabbed and under development, it should have its own project environment.

  • Hardware Projects

    Hardware Projects regroups all hardware-related projects. Check this Wiki for interesting hardware and electronic parts.

    • Atmel Programmer

      The atmel programmer is an adapter to flash ATtiny and ATmega microcontroller of the Atmel chip manufacturer. The adapter is based on Kahuna. The schematics will be available in the repository.

      Use this adapter because it cannot be built cheaper than that....

    • Chocolate Keyboard

      Some other sort of hardware: chocolate keyboard

    • CO2 Meter

      Hack the SenseAir K22 sensor in the Wöhler CDL210 CO2 meter.

      See the files section for available information.

    • Shapeoko

      This is project for small CNC router build. See Wiki for more information.

    • Swarm Bots

      This projects aims at creating swarm bots

    • TI MSP430 LaunchPad

      This project is about Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430 LaunchPad.

      MSP430 LaunchPad (Value Line Development kit) is a very affordable micro controller development platform from Texas Instruments (TI). Whole kit costs around $4-5....

    • USB2UART

      Commercial USB to UART adapters come in mostly at around 15€ - 20€ in Europe and that is plainly stealing it from the poor!

      This project offers you a layout that you can use to build your own.

  • Arduino

    This is the Main Arduino Project

  • Pure Code

    Superproject for all projects involving mainly code

    • Embedded Linux

      It's intended to provide images for embedded linux boards syn2cat maybe will use sooner than later for some projects. The images should contain some packages by default so that the users don't need to customize the linux after it was flashed. Such a board could be used for the borne, opdenduino and other hardware projects....

    • Erwiz - The entity-relationship wizardry

      Erwiz is a tool to create easily text-based entity-relationship models. It was originally developped by Mitsuru Kono but since no reply arrived to my emails and since the official website went down some time ago let's hope that he didn't discontinue the project for tragic reasons....

    • Greasemonkey script: Repage

      This script reorganizes the project site and makes it much clearer. Only the project names are visible by default and if you hover over them a tooltip with its description appears.

    • Mediawiki Related

      Groups all mediawiki-related projects

    • PrivateFace

      PrivateFace is a very basic implementation of OpenCV's Haar-like features for face recognition.

      It tries to detect a Front-part of a face and draws an arbitrary "object" onto it.

      Ideally a Black stripe to cover peoples eyes and give them a "feeling" of privacy....

    • simple tp_smapi frontend

      Very basic and simple tp_smapi frontend.
      Might be useful for other thinkpad linux users, which is why this hack is shared here.

  • Smartphone Apps

    Superproject for smartphone applications

    • iPhone

      Regroups all the iPhone apps.

  • Lët'z Hack!

    The radio show project site. It contains information about how to organize and produce the show. Guidelines can be found how the technology works and what must be done in the studio to go on air or to prerecord a show.

  • OpenMePi

    This is the alarm and door lock system based on the Raspberry Pi board. OpenMePi will replace OpenDuino in order to get a maintainable and reliable system which is easy to extend at the same time.

  • RaspberryPi

    Everything that you can do with this small PC.

  • Atari ST knowhow

    preparation of the talks for the atari ST workshops

  • Etch-it

    Etch-it is in fact a shortened title for The famous Etching and Soldering Workshop which is held for the syn2cat members and the public people out there.

    The goal of the workshop is to teach the attendees how to design their own circuit boards using the Eagle layout software. Afterwards they're etched and soldered....

  • HacKids

    This project is dedicated to the HacKids workshop(s).

  • The Famous Electronics Workshop

    Sometimes you might have an idea for a certain application but you don't know how to design it. This workshop will help you to understand and to dimension the electronic parts you need.

    This is page is related to this workshop....

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