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12:35 pm Lasertag Linux Bug #1432: looks like it's not working with recent NVIDIA driver
I'll check on my desktop at home. There are actually two possibilities: the new distribution uses the nouveau driver ...


08:12 am Openduino Bug #664: openduino components coming apart
> setup has been redone, unfortunately still on a breadboard. With brand new sticky tape, which comes apart, again.


03:01 pm Openduino Bug #663: openduino malfunction
Georges Toth wrote:
> It is not quite clear what you are referring to when you say "alarm triggered".
> Do you mea...
02:29 pm Openduino Bug #663: openduino malfunction
Charel told me he had a simiar experience recently. Unfortunately he wasn't as lucky and didn't notice, triggering th...


10:07 am Openduino Bug #664 (New): openduino components coming apart
The parts of openduino attached with double-sided tape are coming off the board and should be attached more firmly be...
10:06 am Openduino Bug #663 (Closed): openduino malfunction
This morning (~09:40 09/03/11) the openduino triggered the alarm multiple times in a row for about 30 seconds as if s...


02:00 pm Openduino Feature #292: upgrade to support new front door lock
I've noticed a bug today. When I tried to open the door the lock would not activate even though the leds were blinkin...


01:20 pm Lasertag Linux Revision f9af16f5: added screenshot folder which went missing during SVN to GIT switch
01:13 pm Lasertag Linux Revision 615ace56: major updates to readMe.txt


04:31 pm Tagbot Revision dadd90b9: fixed includes

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